13 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

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Dog-Foods-15Sometimes it’s fun to feed the dog your leftover food, as they often devour it. However, what you’re giving your dog may not be good for him or her. It may even be toxic. Here is a list of foods you should never feed your dog. (This list only includes foods that would actually be tempting to feed your dog. For example, baking powder and baking soda are highly toxic for dogs, but not many people feel the desire to set out a bowl of these things for their beloved pet.) These are also table foods, so you don’t have to worry about finding these on the shelves of your local pet store.

  1. Chocolate- Chocolate causes seizures, heart problems, and digestive problems in dogs.
  2. Coffee-based products & soft drinks -Caffeine can have a poisoning effect which can be fatal. There is no antidote for this poisoning.
  3. Raisins & Grapes- These snacks can cause kidney failure in dogs.
  4. Macadamia Nuts- These nuts are especially poisonous for dogs. The consumption of as few as 6 raw or roasted macadamia nuts can be fatal.
  5. Garlic & Onions- Onions and garlic, when eaten in large doses, destroy red blood cells and cause anemia. This includes all forms of onions and garlic (cooked, raw, powdered, or dehydrated).
  6. Xylitol- This alternate sweetener found in gum, candy, and “sugar-free” baked goods causes a blood sugar drop and liver failure in dogs.
  7. Avocado- Avocados contain persin, which can be toxic to dogs when eaten in large amounts. Keep dogs away from avocado trees, as the leaves, seeds, and bark can pose a risk, as well.
  8. Alcohol- The affects of alcohol are the same on dogs as they are on humans, but it takes a lot less of it to do damage to dogs.
  9. Milk and Dairy-That yummy ice cream cone on a hot day can cause digestive upset.
  10. Fat Trimmings & Bones- It is kind of ironic, but you should never give a dog a real bone, as they can choke on it. Bones can also splinter and cause obstruction or lacerations of the digestive system.
  11. Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums- The fruit isn’t the bad part; it’s the pits. The pits contain cyanide, with is poisonous to humans and dogs. Dogs unknowingly swallow the pits, which not only poisons them, but can cause obstruction and other intestinal problems.
  12. Raw Eggs, Meat, and Fish- These raw foods can cause poisoning, possible disease (which can be fatal), and skin and coat problems for dogs.
  13. Too Much Salt- Sodium Ion Poisoning is possible.

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