Lowest Priced Dog Food

The Feed Bucket offers quality dog food at low prices to accommodate you



Name Protein Fat Weight Price* Note
 Feed Bucket  18%  6%  40lbs.  $12.99
River Run 24% 20% 50lbs. $23.99
River Run (Meat Base) 27% 15% 50lbs. $20.99 Limited Time — Buy 10 get 1 Free
River Run 21% 10% 50lbs. $18.99

  Buy 10 Get 1 Free. Ask for details

Variety Grocery Store Mix

Variety Grocery Store Mix Dog Food

This grocery store mix provides you with eight distinct types of food that your dog is sure to love.

  • Kibbles
  • Gravy
  • Hi-Protein
  • Chicken Based

All Super market types and brands are included!


Name Protein Fat Weight Price* Note
Mixed 19% 8% 50lbs. $22.99


 *prices subject to change